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Bootstrap Starter Template For Jigsaw

Jae Toole
Eyup! I'm a Yorkshire based PHP developer.
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While this may strike you as a pretty pointless package, I find myself currently creating quite a few websites using Jigsaw and I'm also a huge lover of Bootstrap (probably because I have the design skills of a five year old). I'm fed up of having to go through the motions to get bootstrap in to Jigsaw so I thought I'd just release it as a starter template more so just to scratch my own itch.

What is Jigsaw?

[Jigsaw][''] made by Tighten is a fantastic Static Site generator which is powered with Blade templating with the ability to use Markdown for content-driven pages. It's great for us Laravel lovers to build quick and easy brochure websites even with dynamic content.

Where can I get your package?

It is super simple to get started. I've documented everything you need to do on the Github repository which you can find by clicking here.

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