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Jaime Trejo

I have a passion for learning. On my free time I try to learn more about full stack development, databases, mobile apps, and video game development. I want to be able to teach others one day.

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B.S. Computer Science


Software Engineer

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What was your win this week?

This week, I completed an android UI update for a plugin I'...

Show off your first app!

This was my first app a little silly, but it helped me lear...

Nevertheless, Ali Coded

Sorry to see all of this! Keep being you and thanks for all...

Nevertheless, Jess Lee Coded

Can't wait to see how this site changes in the future!

Nevertheless, Moriah Coded

Keep up the great work Moriah!

Nevertheless, cindy Coded

Even with some experience I always forget to break some pro...

She Came, She Conquered, She Coded

Hope to see your programming language in the future!

Nevertheless, She Coded

Thanks for sharing your story Ada!

Nevertheless, Kelly Coded

Keep up the great work Kelly and I hope others can too!

EVERYONE, please join us for #SheCoded 2018!

Can't wait to read some amazing stories!

6 Mistakes You Might Be Making As A New Web Developer & How To Avoid Them

Thanks Emma! I just started a web dev project at work and h...

Do you have any energy and time for your personal goals after a full day of work at your job?

Not recently, life was a little mess so trying to put piece...

Do you have any energy and time for your personal goals after a full day of work at your job?

Not necessarily all the time. I think I need to set a sched...

Decoding the Front-end Interview Process

Thanks for sharing! This will be helpful, so I can start wo...

Learn. Do. Teach.

I agree with this step. I haven't gotten the opportunity to...

What are your programming goals for 2019?

I know this might be a little too broad, but I want to lear...

Show off your stickers!

I don't have any, but i do plan to work on it!

Where are you Mexicans?

QQ Boston.

Navigating the Spooky World of JavaScript

Hi Ali, Thanks for the information. I'm trying to get int...

What are your best tips for working from home?

When I work from home I find these things to work for me. ...

How to get out of the hole

Congrats Brenda! I also lost my motivation for a while and ...

A year as Android Engineer

Thanks for sharing Lara! I worked on two Android applicatio...

A Beginner's Guide to

I think this is a great introduction. This is my first time...