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While skeptical of either course of action, I'd probably go with the MBA out of those two options. I'd think they'd teach fundamental principles. Without knowing what they intend to teach with "big data", I'd be concerned that it would be a course in buzzword-chasing.

With enough info on what they intend to teach, I'd go with big data if I didn't sense charlatans.


A few thoughts as I have mulled this dilemma over on a recurring basis as well.

  • Consider a Masters in Data Science vs. a generic "Big Data" course. At least that's what I've been considering.
  • An MBA will inherently take you further away from technology and more into management. Similarly, a Masters in Data Science will push you more towards a specific technical domain.
  • Historically, large companies in the US have required an MBA for senior leadership positions. However, this practice has decreased in my experience and those that still require it are willing to pay for it.

Personally, I would advocate for neither as I just don't think you'll see a return on the investment relative to future salary. If I had to pick one or the other, I would lean towards the MBA as it is most likely to yield a return but you have to willing to move into management for that to happen.


I think this really depends on your personal interests and intended career.

Having observed a lot of friends who earned MBAs, my sense is that business school is largely built around networking. There are definitely core classes that are important (especially early in the first semester or two), but the majority of the time and energy is based around socializing, searching for jobs, building softer skills.

In contrast, I would imagine that a Masters degree in something "big data"-y, would be a lot more strictly academic and analytical.

So, depending on your personal goals, strengths, weaknesses, etc., you'd have to make that determination.


I was considering similar options recently. Advice from friends whom I trust: if you're going to work in "Big Data", get a Master's in mathematics rather than something technology-focused. For genuinely big Big Data stuff, the mathematical grounding is key, and that's what anyone hiring for those roles is going to look for.

I can speak from experience that an MBA is of very limited value unless you're headed into management. And unless you cash in within 12-18 months, (switch jobs, get promoted, etc.) it's of limited value period. Your work experience quickly eclipses your shiny new MBA. It may help you do your job better if you're managing teams, determining business strategy, etc. It's pointless if you're focused on coding.


Neither. I have no interest in shifting my focus toward business so that's the MBA out, and the idea of an entire degree program with a laser focus on big data techniques alone doesn't pass the smell test.


I would choose this Deep Learning course course.fast.ai/ :-D

It's really hard to give a suggestion like that without a little background eheh.

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