What do you do on Sundays?

Jacinto Jaimez on October 21, 2018

Hello colleagues, I'm thinking about "what does a programmer do on Sundays? I usually rest, cook, clean my apartment, wash my clothes, eat a LOT... [Read Full]
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Weekends are reserved for family, especially sundays. We usually visit the one or the other grandma/aunt/uncle and go to the playground. When the others are asleep I play video-games or whatever hobby consumes me at the moment.


This Sunday was a Pokemon Go Community Day, so I was out for 3 hours in almost freezing temps to catch Beldum.

Otherwise: homework, video games, reading about code, code


I rest, work in the garden, spend time with my wife and daughter. And use spare time to build my side-businesses!


Weekends = family time. Gaming, reading, disconnecting. Enjoying life

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