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I agree with your point about agile completely. For a control engineer we see systems that can be controlled by feedback, a team of developers is a system, they need various feedback methods. The more granular the feedback the better the system response can be.

Agile simply dictates that you have a feedback cycle each sprint for the work done.Again another for improving the team dynamics enter the retrospective.

But I believe that it's more about putting in place iterative development with more feedback built into the system.

See the rise of Code Review platforms, this gives a feedback cycle on each feature.
Linters give a feedback cycle on each line of code, or each pull request.
CI gives a feedback cycle on each build.
Unit testing gives us feedback on the functionality of each part.
Integration tests give us feedback on how each parts operates.

Now the above can be done badly or well, I'm not debating that, my point is that the main point is to introduce feedback cycles built into the development process, this is not agile, nor is a waterfall, it's a general engineering practice.

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