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Discussion on: How to: Kubernetes for Cheap on Google Cloud

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James Holcomb

Nice article Niko 👍...I have been using this approach for some time in a CI/CD cluster with GKE 1.14, the free-tier micro VM + one preemtible node. Even had Stackdriver logging/monitoring enabled. I used a trick to disable scheduling of fluentd on the ingress node to reduce memory by removing the fluentd-ds-ready label.

But after upgrading to 1.15 that hack appears to be gone. I tried scaling down the metrics server and further reducing fluentd memory using a scaling policy, but could not get it to fit along side the nginx-ingress controller.

Since the fluentd DaemonSet does not respect taints, I gave up and switched to an e2-micro node ($6/month) for the ingress since Stackdriver logging is a req for me.

It's unfortunate that the free tier micro VM is pretty much useless given the overhead of GKE.