Discussion on: What's your coding origin story?

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James Livesey

Started on Visual Basic for Applications when I was 6! Basically I was just playing around on PowerPoint one day (to me back then I thought that PowerPoint was the best program ever as it's got soo many features) when I managed to get into the macro system. I then went from there, downloaded Visual Studio a few years later for VB.Net.

Whilst of course VB isn't really a language I use any more (I'm a JavaScript guy that also does a lot of Python), I still find it fun to play around with creating weird and wonderful PowerPoints when I want to get a bit of nostalgia!

Though I have switched to Chrome OS lately after purchasing a Pixelbook, I still fire up my old XP PC from back in the day to have a little play around on (and to see what stupid and somewhat strange files I made back then!).