I'm finally taking testing seriously

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I had heard the hype about unit testing for a while, and had even practised Test-Driven-Development* on my work before, but I never dove seriously into it.

Well that was going to change at some point, and I'm glad it did now.

I worked with a well-made Go repository the other weekend, and I was very impressed at how much peace of mind unit testing brought. My typical way of building robust code is actually doing a form of manual unit testing, where I test individual blocks of code with the likes of console.log or fmt.printLn, and observe the feedback in errors/lack thereof.

In retrospect this is a very silly decision because I'm a human not a computer and I shouldn't do a computer's job.

Long story short, I'm diving in today.

I've talked to a number of very qualified developers and identified that one of the best testing tools is Cypress.io. A quick journey through their 'Writing Your First Test' page definitely has me sold. This is a powerful tool.

See you on the other side... when https://app.txbatch.com has a bunch of tests keeping watch for me as I mess around with other things.

*Test-Driven-Development: where you develop something not by writing code first, but a test first. Helps you not write bugs.

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I was hired for an intership some weeks ago. All the projects use TDD as a way of building softwares. I really understand the necessities for such a way of doing things despite taking a lot of time. The thing I find really hard for now is knowing what to test what goes into unit tests vs functionnal tests.

I learned Python, then went on with Obey the testing goat then getting started with Django


It’s a process, you’re taking the right steps


At work, we discovered cypress recently and it seems to be the test suite we always needed for front end dev.

Unit tests have saved me a ton of problems with clients and bosses for missed bugs and errors.

Good luck!


"hype about unit testing" lol