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Discussion on: A productive stack for PWA development

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Dante Meulemeester

Hi Franck,

thanks for your insights. I'm getting into PWA development and face an issue to debug properly.
Developing locally and testing seems to be hard.
eg the pwa should be served over https to be acknowledged as PWA by Google so i can test the install experience by the user. The build in npm run serve command allows me to add an option devServer -> https but Chrome keeps saying the source is not trustd.

Secondly the Vue PWA plugin doesn't create a Service Worker when serving locally so you can't test the Service Worker. Alternatively you can run npm run build and serve the dist folder from a local solution to serve sites (eg Laravel Valet in Linux) but again when using 'valet secure mysite', Google Chrome doesn't trust my site.

Is there a way to tell Chrome that i'm just testing locally and it should skip al the security things?
Thanks in advance for your answer.