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MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018) <-- main dev machine... iOS (Swift, Objective-C) + Web (Django, React, Go, Vue etc) + Android (Java, Kotlin)

iPhone X (everyday use + dev)
iPhone 8 (dev testing)
iPhone 6S (dev testing)
iPhone 5S (dev testing)
iPhone 4S (dev testing)
iPhone 4 (dev testing)

Google Pixel 3 (dev testing)
LG Nexus 5X (dev testing)
Motorola Moto E4 Plus (dev testing)

Apple Watch Series 3 (no dev ... just everyday use)

XMG P507 PRO Gam. Laptop 2017 (for M$ related dev work and occasional gaming)

Haven't dared to add iPad or any other tablet to my arsenal ... but will probably buy iPad Pro for travel reading/movies and for learning to draw/design + work related mockuping.

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