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Discussion on: On Death and Dying: Ruby on Rails

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Jared White

Excellent article! Another aspect of this conversation I would like to add:

Sometimes the debate seems to boil down to these talking points:

Person A: you should switch to using the new hotness! (Go?)

Person B: nah I'm good. Boring ol' Rails works fine for me.

Now it's certainly commendable if somebody is still using and appreciating Rails…but my beef lies with the notion that it's "old" and "boring".

Rails (and Ruby along with it) is anything but boring! And if Rails is old, well then so is React, or Node, or whatever because apparently anything older than 1-2 years in "internet time" is considered old! 🤪

To me "Rails is old and boring/yay or nay" is simply a non sequitur. The way I write modern Rails apps today is quite different than how I would have written them 10 years ago, or even 3 years ago. Patterns/best practices change, new gems come out all the time, the frontend/browser tech evolves and Rails along with it, etc. I also witness the rise of Rails-adjacent projects such as Bridgetown (full disclosure, I'm one of the maintainers) that are pushing Ruby in ever new directions re: how websites in general get built today.

In short, while I am happy lots of people like their "boring ol' Ruby" tech, I don't even want to concede that ground. I believe in a thriving, vibrant, modern, and thoroughly forward-looking ecosystem. As Rubyists, let us not simply exist and quietly trudge along. Let's stand up and make some noise.