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Discussion on: The Shocking Immaturity of JavaScript

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Jared White Author • Edited

What makes me feel all warm and fuzzy is just how good browsers are getting at the core level, so our frontend code can become simpler and sit closer to the "metal" — esbuild being a showcase for that trend. After all the crazy framework wars of the 2010s, it feels like for many kinds of sites you can pull in a few simple libraries, write some web components, use a great backend with reactive HTML-over-the-wire techniques, and get a fantastic UX out of it all. That's my personal "escape hatch" anyway…I expect it'll take a while for the industry as a whole to embrace some of these trends.

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Zaydek MG

I’m somewhat open-minded to the whole server components approach but I also don’t like the idea that we suddenly need to be implementing and deploying servers rather than stateless assets to the web (assuming I understood this right). And I think web components had a chance to help resolve a lot of these woes but ultimately the SEO concerns I think outweighed whatever ergonomic benefits web components offer.

I really like how Svelte can be used as a compiler to generate web components and I think that was an incredibly smart idea for how to macro fix a lot of these systemic problems.

I really think that static site generators that are not JS-heavy is really the right approach for most sites. But once you want to develop and interactive frontend app, the water gets murky quickly because of just how much more tooling / overhead is needed. I will say that writing React in 2020+ is much more accessible than it felt to me before 16.8 (hooks) but I still think the experience overall could be improved.

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Syed Faraaz Ahmad • Edited

I really hope WebAssembly enables competition in the frontend for JS to get its stuff together, and ultimately gives everyone better tools across the board. I feel like something like Svelte and using your own preferred language in it that compiles down to webassembly could really improve the frontend DX

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