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Join the Fight Against Complexity Overload on the Spicy Web Discord

Introducing the "Spicy Web" chatrooms on Discord! Our focus is on newbie-friendly yet timely developer topics such as HTML-Over-the-Wire, Web Components, CSS Design Systems, and Majestic Monoliths.

Why "Spicy Web"? Well there's been a term floating around for a while now called "JS sprinkles" — i.e., you focus on HTML first (either server-rendered or statically-generated), and then "sprinkle" JavaScript on top for interactive bits.

But I don't like sprinkles. My kids put rainbow sprinkles on their ice cream. Not something I personally find appealing. 😄

Spices. I like spices! Spices are cool. So let's learn how to spice up our websites. Start with a simple base dish, and then spice it up for maximum effect.

That's what the Spicy Web movement is all about. A dramatic push towards more minimalist and newbie-friendly tech stacks which still pack a huge punch.

I originally became a web developer because I liked building cool shit and putting it out there for the world to see—sans gatekeepers both literally and figuratively.

That's still what drives me today, alongside a fierce devotion to protecting the web's openness for future generations.

I've come to discover openness isn't just a quality of network access or technology control, but the ease with which newbies can jump onboard with developer tools. David Heinemeier Hansson calls this Conceptual Compression.

The more we can empower solo devs with amazing and straightforward tools to build websites and apps, freedom wins.

That's my singular focus: help indies do far more with way less. Our industry can, and must, do better.

So join us on the Spicy Web Discord! Submit your questions, share your links and ideas, and let's rock this party!

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