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How to create your own logo

Creating a logo is something many developers struggle with. Thanks to the evolution of AI and web-based logo makers, creating your own logo is a quick and easy process. When I started out as a freelancer I tried a variety of services but concluded that using ready-made logo templates is the quickest and easiest way of starting out.

After testing a number of logo design tools, font generators and websites, I put together a list of my favorite tools for freelance developers.

Here are my top 3:

Logo Vector Templates

If you are familiar with vector editing software like adobe illustrator (photoshop works too) I think downloading a template online and making changes is the best way to go. There are tons of sites that allow you to find templates based on categories like computer logo templates ( ) or IT logo templates ( ). Most of these sites will give you the option to search for your own keywords as well.

Once you’ve picked out, just open the SVG file in AI and change the text and font.

Font Generator

Google fonts ( ) might not be your first thought when it comes to creating your own logo but hear me out! Google fonts allows you to preview hundreds of fonts on the same page. You simply enter your business name and choose from one of the categories on the right-hand side. Once you find a great font you can download the font itself or save a high-quality image.

I would recommend saving the font, outlining the text and then saving the image as a high-res PNG.

Design App

The most powerful and customizable way of designing a logo is to use a designer app ( )like Gravit. The app has a free version that gives you ready-made shapes and allows you to add text, gradients and other design elements. There a numerous advanced features that might be difficult to use but if you stick to the basics you can create a great logo. You can even upload logo templates that you’ve downloaded from other sites and import them for easier editing.

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If you don't have experience it's difficult to build your own logo that why many websites like logoking etc available for those persons who don't have any designing sense logo is very important for any business.

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