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Discussion on: Don't be one of these React Devs🙄

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Jason Bunting

Seriously, don't let these people get to you - insult, offense, etc. are not something done to us, but something we allow based on our reactions. I like to illustrate this with a short story:

I once taught a Sunday School class to some teenagers. I was writing on a chalkboard with chalk, and it broke. I let slip the word "damn" when it happened, and a girl took offense to it. I asked her, "does the word 'darn' offend you?" She said no. I said "why? There's only a difference of one simple letter between those two words. What makes one offensive and one not? What if I had said 'kurwa' (a Polish swear word she had no knowledge of) instead? Would that offend you?" She said no. And I proceeded to tell her it was a much more "offensive" word than "damn" or "darn." I tried to help her realize, the mental state she was in was what made the word offensive, not my using it.

So many have ostensibly given their power to other people, and then demand those other people behave a certain way, further illustrating that they will continue to give that power to them. So mind-blowing. So stupid and ignorant. :P

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Rohan Salunke Author

Thanks! This really helps me deal with ignorant and unnecessary hate. Although, I always try to be a reasonable person and understand if I was wrong at any point. People really need to stop bothering other people with their ways :/

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