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Issues using SQLite With React/Node

jasondamico profile image jasondamico ・1 min read

Hi everyone, I am writing a web application in React/Node that is supposed to display a SQLite file on a webpage. I am new to React and Node and am having some troubles getting the SQLite database loaded into the React environment. I am using the sqlite3 module, but I am having trouble importing it.

Specifically, I am using the line var sqlite3 = require('sqlite3').verbose(); to access the module, which seems to be commonplace in lots of the tutorials I am following, but I am receiving an error of Module not found: Can't resolve 'aws-sdk' when attempting to import. I have been closely following this thread on GitHub that seems to detail my issue, but I feel like I am missing the Node/React experience to successfully troubleshoot and understand the conversation going on there.

I'm not convinced that I am even going about this the right way by using sqlite3, but I think that the import problem exists regardless and should be solved. I am very lost here and would greatly appreciate any form of feedback or direction, thank you in advance.


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