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Discussion on: Moving your workflow to Linux

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Jason Gabler

Having UNIX-like experience is great for any resume, and just a good, all around benefit to your work.

I started my secondary education and my career on BSD UNIX. The first time I touched a DOS/Windows computer I was amazed by the waste of a CPU being used by one process, one person :) I was ecstatic the first time I was able to get BSD on my desktop, followed by Linux on a laptop. That joy continued for about 20 years, with Ubuntu as the last version I used. All through that, at least once or twice a year (much more so in earlier years) I had to spend some hours tweaking because of some updated driver or change in X Windows or OS software. I got tired of it. I just don't have the time anymore. I switched to a Macbook and felt, and still feel that, though I've lost a bit of the flexibility, shit just works. That's time and money back in my pocket. And really, I spend most of my time developing within a local Vagrant CentOS VM or doing devops stuff while ssh'd into remote RedHat systems. And I get fancy mail and calendar software that just works. Like everything, there was a bit of a learning curve, but it was pretty easy.