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Discussion on: Don't attend a bootcamp in 2021

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Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm disappointed to learn that about Udemy. Wish there was a way to know if the content had been stolen. There are some instructors I regularly recommend because they're very beginner friendly. But I'll be sure to include your comment about the theft on the platform

To your point about individual instructors, I 100% agree. I had 2 great instructors during my program, including one who regularly stayed late after class to answer student questions and help us with the concepts. One of my friends became a TA and made sure students got practice with data structures and algos (which weren't even on the curriculum at the time)

When I applied, Flatiron School had really great reviews. But I wonder if they had also reached the point where they needed to be more profitable, which meant more students, fewer teachers, and less support for students