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I created Command Line Portfolio!

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I'm Jatin Rao. This is my first post on

I was little confused over where to start blogging So I taught to start it with sharing a Codepen. I think you're going to love it.

I'm going to tag @ben @jess @florinpop17 & @mocasalter to have a look at this.

It's just a month I created Command Line Portfolio on Codepen.

Codepen Stats:-

240 Loves
88 Forks
Created on:-
January 18, 2020
Updated on:-
February 18, 2020

Just type help for list of supported commands!

Feel free to drop a comment on what you think about the codepen and is there are things that could be improved.

Thanks in Advance!

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15 years old? I could only do Dreamweaver when I was that age. Impressive!


Thanks! I've met some amazing devs which are way more young than me.


This looks fabulous!

It's got "hard tech" vibes but soft and approachable with the lines and shadows and everything. Very lovely.


That's amazing! I'll drop a like in your codepen too...


Very nice work!! I just forked the code on code pen
The layout is very responsive and I like that!!

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