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Discussion on: Every developer is self taught

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Javier Gonzalez

I'll take the opposite stance. There is no learning without teaching yourself. Tutorials, videos, books, and learning resources are information. Information by itself is worthless if not processed by you. Knowledge cannot be transferred from a teacher to a student, a teacher can only point to a path to learn, resources, and can share with the students the pitfalls and dead ends that they experienced. But learning only happens when you do the work and start to gain the experience for yourself.

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Alessandro Candido

Yes, I agree with you, and I share your opinion more than the one you were replying to.

On the other hand I would like to stress the importance of teachers: it's exactly as you said, teachers are just pointing you the way, but lots of times if you have to find it on your own it's quite inefficient and time-consuming, with a lot of trial-and-error involved.

A good teacher can prepare you a priceless path, pointing you to the correct learning material and the order you should familiarize with concepts. Than the learning job it's completely up to the student, but the final result it's obtained together.