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Discussion on: Testing vs. Checking–so what?

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Jayson Smith • Edited

Being still a somewhat green tester, this distinction was an eye opener for me when I first learned about it. I had thought that the low value clicking and checking was testing and that test engineering was the activity that required brainpower.

I've been trying to weave calling each activity correctly given this separation. Hopefully with enough folks doing it, we can make it commonplace. I had a discussion about this recently and a person in the conversation basically said that they felt like it's an unwinnable uphill battle. :(

Anyway, thank you for writing this! It was very well done and I enjoyed the window into your journey!

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roesslerj Author

I also think the differentiation as such is an unwinnable uphill battle. And more so, because what ultimately convinced me why this is a sensible differentiation isn't even mentioned in the original article.

But I think test automation (yes, I know) actually has a potential to end that discussion, simply by automating all checks and leaving only high-value testing tasks (not checking) to the human.