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Discussion on: 10 Common React mistakes and problems beginners face

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Jazz Brown

I agree with all of that.

But back to the original point for a beginner deciding when to use a tool 'dont use react if you can do it in plain js' is just too simplistic. And using react or any other library or framework should be decided based on a number of factors which will vary depending on the project goals. And in the commercial space, I'm afraid the most important will often be output/effort/time/complexity which react can greatly reduce.

I don't think that we are on totally different pages. If nothing else this thread at least shows new developers that it is important to take time to decide what toolsets you should be using for a particular project.

Good day to you!

PS tbh I am a fan of lots of languages and frameworks, I try not to let my biases sway my decisions though 😁