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Discussion on: Node.js & Deno Comparison

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Jazz Brown

Hey nice article. Thanks for sharing. I don't think deno is the future though. Even Ryan Dahl said it's not supposed to replace node. Personally I have issues with some of the design decisions made for deno. For instance typescript as a first class citizen, which isn't really first class as it's transpiled before it runs. It just feels bloated. And while Dahl seems to hate npm I rather like it, and I don't think importing from repos makes life any easier. I do really like the deny by default security but I don't think that's enough to knock node off its throne. Deno is interesting and probably a bit better than node but it is simply not different or revolutionary enough to replace it.

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npm i deno

echo 'const { security } = require("deno");' >> index.js

node index.js