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Discussion on: The Secret Way to Improve & Automate your Code Quality!

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José Coelho

I feel like linters are more for improved maintainability and readability of your code.
You can write bad, code run a linter, and still end up with bad code.

I think the real benefit is in SCA tools like SonarQube or Coverity, which analyze cyclomatic complexity, code smells, technical debt, known security issues and much more.
And the ultimate code quality practice... code review!!😁

That’s how, in my opinion, you improve your code quality effectively.

Still, great article! Do you use any other tools besides linters?

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Chris Bertrand Author

Hey, Thanks! There's definitely a whole suite of tools available. I've used a variety of them and think they are all valuable in their own way. I agree you can never beat a good quality code review with a peer though!