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I haven't had any more or fewer problems with different notebooks running Linux. You are always going to have some issues with getting drivers up and going, but the current landscape is better than ever for PnP support. I really like the Dell XPS line for notebooks, they have great battery life and good specs.

On the other side, I would consider System76. I have been using the Galaga Pro since April and I am glad I got it. Having everything work out of the box without worrying about finding drivers or taking the time to install Linux when you first get it. The only complaint I have with it is that the trackpad is small and can slow me down if I need to be using the mouse a lot (luckily I have a good bit of keyboard warrior in me so the mouse isn't something I reach for every 10 seconds). The Oryx Pro line looks really great too, but I do love my Galaga.

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