How do you say "SQL"

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How do you say... (2 Part Series)

1) How do you say "SQL" 2) How do you say "Nginx"

I ask this to a lot of people, but I haven't asked the DEV community.

Personally I say it as "S-Q-L" as it is an abbreviated term. Feel free to argue with me about this.

Leave your responses below!

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Well. Since the origins of SQL is SEQUEL (structured English query language?), I mainly pronounce it as sequel. But when referring to file extensions, or some variants, I may say S.Q.L.
I may refer to PL/SQL as "play school" sometimes.


Is that the way people taught you or have you just came about saying that?


Come to think of it now I don't recall why I call it that hey. I just checked with the guys here at work they also call it "See-Qal".


I say S-Q-L as well, I didn't think we could say it otherwise. 😄


to get my co-workers 🌰🌰🌰, i use squirrel 🐿️


I love it! Might have to start throwing this in now and then....


There are many examples of tech-lingo being pronounced multiple ways. One of the reasons is the fact that we often read terms for years before we actually hear someone say them. Another would be regional differences often combined with language borders. So while working in Germany, it was more common to pronounce the letters S-Q-L, while in North America "See-quell" is common.


I also say S-Q-L, but I've heard see-quel a lot, mostly as a shortened term for SQL Server (also hear a lot of see-quel server going on).


I've heard that it's supposed to be "sequel", but I refuse to call it that. Come on, if they want me to call it "sequel", they should've named it that.

Okay, maybe this is hypocritcal because I go along with "Engine X", but dude, no one wants to say "ŋiŋks". And "sequel" is just kind of too grandiose. I don't want to call something like that unless I like it. (I don't like SQL, and do like Nginx.)


Another vote for S-Q-L. It's one of those ones you don't need to try to pronounce. Nobody goes out of their way to call the FBI, the "Fabi" or anything, do they?

I'm aware of the history of SQL vs Sequel, but I'm pretty sure most people call it "Sequel" and do so because they used MS Sequel Server at some point rather than for any traditional reason.


You would not understand how I pronounce it,
unless you can retro-engineer my pronounciation back from French :)


When I lived in Ohio, pretty much everywhere I worked said "S-Q-L". I moved to Colorado about 5 years ago and here I've only heard "Sequel". I say sequel now, purely because it's quicker.


See-qual for efficiency. It's one less syllable than SQL


Both S-Q-L and "sequel". Just depends on the context.


I say it in two ways: "S-Q-L" and Sequel 😊


In english I say sequel. But when I'm talking Norwegian, Dutch or French I go for "S-Q-L" for some reason.


I usually say it in portuguese, so it's "ESE KE ElE" and when I'm saying it in english I just spell the letters, so it's "S Q L".


I used to say "S-Q-L" but got laughed at so switched to "sequel" pretty smartish!

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