NEWS: COVID-19 has forced Github Satellite 2020 to become a Virtual Event.

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Github Satellite

Due to the risk of COVID-19. Github has decided to make the Github Satellite Event 2020 a Virtual Event.

So, I got offered a Scholarship to Github Satellite 2020(In Paris) a couple of weeks ago. I was super excited to be able to go to Paris and meet fellow git enthusiasts. However, I wake up this morning, check my emails and find this.
Alt Text

Following the link, I reach this page:
Alt Text

Then, checking out their website, I find:
Alt Text

I can definitely see why they have chosen to do this and while it is sad, you can appreciate their concern for our and their employees' safety.

If you have bought a ticket, email events@github.com to get your refund!

I'm interested to see how they run this virtual event, guess we just have to wait and find out!

Git Merge 2020

For Github Merge 2020, the event is Not Cancelled. However, they are taking extra measures to prevent any further spread of the Virus. This includes, regular wipe downs for things such as door knobs, tables etc..Extra hand sanitising stations and a First Aid station for anyone worried that they may have contracted the virus.

Let me know what you think below!(and have a great day :))

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