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I need to learn Angular!

So, I just got off the meeting with my boss and our new client to build an "e-commerce store or market place". The requirements were provided, API integration that are needed, the workflow, and its future state. Pretty much it is a simple store that allows a customer to purchase their products.

I got excited but on the last slide, where it says that the technical specification must be met, the application must be coded in Angular.

Oh, I am proficient in Javascript and I know React, at least. But I have never completed a course and created an app using Angular.

Now, I have to learn it specially that it is gonna be a big project. I went to YouTube and visited my trusted channel. And it is, Traversy Media.

I heard that Angular is hard to learn. Okay, we'll see.
Any recommendation on learning Angular the best way?

Thanks in advance!

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Yeah not easy to learn... but... it will be easier if you accept that angular has it's own way to do things, and you must follow its rules. After sometime of climbing the learning curve, you won't go back to other frameworks.
Rxjs could be very tricky, but again, the possibility that offers are amazing.

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Jeff Chavez Author

Thanks for this. Do you any recommended resources?

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A very complete set of tutorials and training can be found with Angular university

If you feel comfortable with the basics of Angular and want to go more indepth, I liked Decoded frontend

As mentioned before, use the structures as Angular does, use the cli to create that structure and everything will become clear. Don't let Rxjs scare you, if you get the hang of you might never want to use promises again. But through all of the code Rxjs will be there. Just follow the conventions.

Remember you got a complete toolbox instead of a framework. For me that is the main difference between react and angular. No chosing which libraries to import and you will use TS if you haven't done so.