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Discussion on: ⚔️ Cross micro frontends communication 📦

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José Muñoz

I'm going to start a migration project next month and I'm gonna use micro-frontends to approach this project, one of the things I was considering for state management is the webworker solution here! One change I would make is that I'd have a redux store on the webworker and standardize redux over both apps, great article!

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Luís Takahashi Author

Hi José o/

Good luck with your project!
I don't really recommend using redux as a global state in a worker, consider sharing only the essential information

If two micro frontends are frequently passing state between each other, consider merging them. The disadvantages of micro frontends are enhanced when your micro frontends are not isolated modules.

This quote from single-spa is awesome and also try to avoid "over-reduxing"