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I think what really makes or breaks a person as a developer is the ability to move data around.
It doesn't matter what language or framework you use, once you know how you want your data to flow through your application you can implement it however you like. Knowing how to handle data structures, how to communicate through the application, that is what makes you a developer, knowledge of the language is important but once you can handle data flow, then you can pick up a language/framework and get productive. but that is just my opinion of course.


I love this first sentence. So much of it really begins with data. Sourcing data, organizing data, sending data, and I'm a data junk at the root of all of it.

My idea of heaven is just an open source database of every data endpoint one can dream of.


That heaven you described sounds a lot like GraphQL and Prisma. Check out Prisma some time for sure. :)

Btw, I know it’s tough to keep up. But I bet you know more than you think. And most good employers care about raw skills instead of buzzwords. Stay positive, my friend! Also, killer profile photo! :)


"...My idea of heaven is just an open source database of every data endpoint one can dream of..."

That is great, I use that phrase?


Try to check out Postgraphile some time. I think it's even better than Prisma (runs on node.js)

Also maybe a great way to get into some new things, if you just check out their examples and play with it.

to answer your question: I don't think you stop being a developer (ask the cobold guys) if you stop expanding your toolset, but you for sure get less and less relevant in a area that's always pushing forward...

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