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I am in the bandwagon of object literals over switches, I know it doesn't have a tremendous impact but combining it with some ES8 features like optional chaining and nil colascing makes it even better IMO:

const counter = (initialState = 0) => (action) => {
  const nextState = {
    'INCREMENT': () => initialState + 1,
    'DECREMENT': () => initialState -1
  }[action.type]?.() ?? initialState

return nextState

It goes to the point that switch is not expression. Don't get we wrong optional chaining and nulish colascing are great feature, but I don't believe using them as you have shown is a good example. It's just not needed here.


Hahaha I agree completely, specially nil colascing which would easily be replaced with a logical or instead, it’s just a personal preference

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