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I always install this plugin, but never really use it. Is there anything have you've found that has saved you time or benefitted you rather than running in terminal?


That is a good question, and I suspect that the answer is philosophical :)

Most of these integrations are a matter of taste. For instance, I usually start my local Tomcat and Liberty from the command line, and have the logs streaming in to Notepad++.

But, I think that's just a bad habit on my part... When these types of integrations work well, they actually do save a second or two... adding up to many seconds, but actually a smoother, integrated experience.

Sometimes these types of integrations require some specific set-up that is not normal, or have some idiosyncrasy...but, I don't see any here.

I think it is also a matter of taste... the debate between IDE vs. command line... has deeper psychological roots... loss of control, less knowledge of commands ending up dumbing down developers and hiding the underlying 'model" of whatever it is they are integrating with.


Makes sense. I have no problem using a tool or the CLI if it makes more sense visually/functionally. Seems like it would be cool to store a few different environments within Jetbrains to configure different scenarios.

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