Learnig a new Programming Language (PYTHON)

jeffp11 profile image Jeffrey Prado ・Updated on ・1 min read

The best way to learn a new Programming Language is to write programs, better projects on that language.

So in this post you are going to join while I make my very firsts steps with Python.

Before coding, we should get Python and if you want an IDE like Sublime Text or Visual Studio Code
Maybe if you just want to learn and practice in a faster way, you could use Repl.it

Alt Text

Our first baby step is going to be the most common and famous code.
Yes! "Hello world" inside brackets of a print.

print("Hello world")

So, write the code then click on run and voilà!
Alt Text

Now let start with some variables

character = 'c'
string = "This is a string"
number = 1
decimal = 3.14159

Alt Text


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