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E-mail, e-mail, e-mail. A random ode to e-mail.

jeky_zero profile image Jeky ・2 min read

Dull-ish bit

I spent some time today thinking about e-mail. It was nothing too interesting, just the usual thing of what solution to opt for. Usually I'll just set up a mailbox in Plesk, or use a default webmail application that comes with most hosting packages.

Netlify don't have a mail box facility or I would have used that.

G-Suite is good and I already have an account with them for another project.

But I wanted a free solution.

My first thought was to use Proton mail, as it's extremely secure, and kind of cool. But custom domain is premium.

Then I tinkered with setting up a forward alias to a g-mail account I've been using for this project, and then setting up an alias to from gmail as my site domain. I am not necessarily happy with this, though.

I'm possibly going to look into a free account with Hubspot, I think they might be able to do it as well as handle any newsletter subscription forms, etc.

All hail e-mail

Obviously I have been thinking a lot about e-mail today, and it dawned on me how damn cool it is.

E-mail the Letter Slayer

I mean, it managed to kill the letter. The actual letter as a concept, in about 6 years (plucked that number from thin air, but could be right? 🤷🏻‍♂️). That's the quickest one technology has brought another technology completely to its knees in the history of technology warfare (another fact that also may or may not be a fiction). I only remember what a letter looks like because it's the e-mail symbol.

And it is pretty crazy how integral e-mails are now to pretty much everything we do. Gig tickets, work purposes, sign-ups to all online accounts (maybe not ALL, but a helluva lot) A huge chunk of our regular communication for everything, sending reminders to ourselves (I'm not sure if people actually do this, but it sounds legit), using it as a storage system, and loads of other shit.

It's the humble, unsung hero, in this digital age of Quantum Computing, insane boundary-pushing tech start-ups, and killer AI robots.

Just want to say:

'e-mail, I like you a lot, you're great.'

My e-mail:

✉️ jeky@jeky.dev

In case anyone wants to send me one of those sweet, sweet e-mails.


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