Cover image for Order of operations for: Project Jeky Portfolio Indie Hacking blog mini-projects thing (Working title, probably)

Order of operations for: Project Jeky Portfolio Indie Hacking blog mini-projects thing (Working title, probably)

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Order of Operations:

  1. Create website

  2. Release first YouTube Video

  3. Start first project

  4. Write first blog post on first project

These are the main points of the plan. So far I've set the site up. Although it's all pretty much default using Stackbit. DEV as headless CMS combined with Jekyll as static site generator.

I want to add some custom styles, maybe. And add a page for projects. But that's pretty much it. I just want something functional, and as I was looking to use Jekyll with Github pages anyway stackbit with DEV was the perfect solution. Which brings me onto the point about how I want to approach this project:

Iterative and Adaptive: I'm going to put stuff out, revise it, improve it, as I go. In the past I've spent too long planning projects and thinking everything has to be fully thought-out. Not this time.


I've been working on the first YouTube video for my channel.

I recorded one but it was genuinely horrific 👻. More pauses than a game of musical chairs and sounded like I was either falling asleep or had just woken up.

So I am going to do it again better, make it shorter, snappier, with a bit more conviction, and get it published.


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Meg Gutshall

I love what you're doing here! I plan to do something similar once I'm out of bootcamp (and therefore have time for non-curriculum learning).

I know the video in my Slipsum post is long, but it goes over some stuff having to do with Jekyll on GitHub pages. It becomes a little more lucid at around 0:57 because that was recorded the following morning. Lol! There's a session notes link included in the post right before the video as well.

Also I normally use a video editor to cut out my dumbassness before I upload to YouTube. 😛

I had made both the video and post last March so I've learned a lot more since... I just haven't had time to update any of my notes. You can check out my personal site though if you want to see what mine looks like: meghangutshall.com. It's a simple GitHub pages site with Jekyll and Bootstrap. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions! 😃

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Jeky Author


What bootcamp you on/what you learning?

I'll check the vid out, cheers Meg.