Order of operations: Step 2 - Release First YouTube video

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Order of Operations (2 Part Series)

1) Order of operations for: Project Jeky Portfolio Indie Hacking blog mini-projects thing (Working title, probably) 2) Order of operations: Step 2 - Release First YouTube video

I wrote out a plan, a simple order of operations, with a stupidly long and unnecessary title.

Here they are:

Order of Operations:

  1. Create website

  2. Release first YouTube Video

  3. Start first project

  4. Write first blog post on first project

I've just completed step 2, the first vid, here it is:

I guess next it will be step 3, that would probably make sense...

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Haha! I love your clarification in the beginning of the video. I'll stay tuned to see what comes next!! :D

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