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Resisting ALL JS frameworks (for now). Trying to stick to Vanilla JavaScript like a spider with glue on its paws.

jeky_zero profile image Jeky ・2 min read

With the plethora of fancy frameworks available.

With every person and their dog doing a React or Vue course.

With JavaScript podcasts swelling with hype for new JS libraries.

With every job posting demanding mad skills with Vue, React, Angular, and Node.

I am trying to resist. It is so tempting to get stuck into the shiny-looking frameworks.

I have looked at the docs for them all of course, a sneak peak, and done the obligatory beginner Tic-Tac-Toe React game tutorial.

But I am no where near competent enough at Vanilla Javascript. It makes no sense to me, really, in skipping straight to a framework without a certain level of proficiency with the core language.

Like trying to swim in the big dog pool, before ever doggy paddling in the puppy pool. Your ass be drowning.

Although I have read that you don't actually need to know JavaScript to any great level before getting started with Vue, so maybe it's fine to just go in with basic skill/comprehension (Skomprehension?).

I'm decent enough with HTML, CSS, and PHP, I can make sites to a reasonable standard, in a reasonable time.

JavaScript was always just lacking, mostly because it was the thing I needed to use the least. Anything I did need was already coded for me with a library or abstracted away under the hood of some plugin.

With my current aim though, which is to improve and learn whilst creating a collection of small projects, one of the things I want to do is learn Vue JS, and use it to create an app combined with Laravel.

So before I can get to do that I feel I need to improve my JavaScript of the vanilla variety.

Things I'm doing every day to learn and practise:

  • listening to the JavaScript edition of Software Engineering Daily podcast.

  • Working through the JavaScript course on the SoloLearn app as much as I can, on the treadmill, on public transport, or even when taking a shit (I do these activities separately, don't worry)

  • Working through the JavaScript Essential Learning course on Lynda

  • Going through the W3 Schools tutorial

  • Writing JavaScript on Codepen, so far I've created some animations

  • Reading JavaScript books on GitHub


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Corbin Taylor

I don't know why anyone would learn a JS framework without understanding JS. Is this really a trend? Good for you though on wanting to know fundamentals though. :)

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Jeky Author

Hi Corbin,

Thank for your reply. Yeah it seems to be so, In fact a dev friend of mine actually encouraged me to just get right into Vue from the outset!

What is it you’re learning currently?

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Corbin Taylor

I'm finishing a set of courses on Node and Express, with the last bit left on interfacing with an SQL database. Going to build some sort of Full Stack (SERN) application to round things out. Probably a URL shortener or something like that.

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Corbin Taylor

I also started learning about Kubernetes and I started messing around with hosting applications on cloud services.

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Jeky Author

Nice! Sounds good. I was looking at Express the other day, how are you finding it, and would you recommend learning it?

Listened to a couple of podcasts on Kubernetes, they described it as a platform for creating platforms. Sounds interesting, not looked into it too much myself, don't think I'd have much use for it right now.