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Darwin Blake Transcripts

Recording #1

Call me Darwin.

I've been commissioned to investigate the disappearance of a certain Iris Banks.

Iris Banks is a world famous scientist person, apparently.

Never heard of her, so she ain't all that famous.

Well, last week, she went missing. Which, I am told, is a very big deal. Not to me, I don't really give a damn. Not because I'm cold, I just never met her, don't know her.

But the people that employ her they give a damn. They give a real big damn. Which suits me just fine, and it sure as hell will suit my creditors too. They always catch up with you in the end.

My first port of call is her husband. I've heard a couple of rumors. Talk that he might of iced her.

Not before I see a good friend of mine about a hotdog. The best street vendor in the whole town.

First I hotdog, then I investigate. Can't do it on an empty stomach.


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