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re: Actually, It depends as I would love to find junior developers who had graduated from boot camps to provide referrals to my company be it for an in...

Why... would a company hire someone who did a bootcamp? I did one 2 years ago.Iā€™m A/B testing my CV with and without that line because my experience begins before I did a bootcamp and I got a bad impression from some workplaces.


Simple cause it's harder to find local tech talents in my country, so you need to cast a wider net.

Especially those with CS background would have been snapped up by the bucketload from big companies, banks, consulting company and government agency if you're in my country.

As developers who want to work in startups is considered a minority but has grown as a popular career path in recent years due to success stories with successful startups like Sea, Razor and Carousell.

To me, startups can be a great place for a new developer to learn new technologies and grow as a developer beside going to silicon valley.

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