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Discussion on: Would you rather work in an MNC or a startup?

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Jen Miller

no problem!
I think if the interview is simply people just peppering the candidate with questions whom expect only answers, those are harsh.

Some interviews are more discussion type. Ie, "Lets have a discussion about Javascript closures" There is no right or wrong answers. You can showcase your communication and soft skills, yet still get across you know what a particular topic is about.

I also get asked to draw architectural designs on the whiteboard - this isn't the same as whiteboard coding questions. Drawing diagrams and presenting architectural concepts clearly is something very relevant to a senior position. As a lead, I do this all the time, so I don't really practice this myself, but explaining the design decisions of a particular system at a high level is another opportunity to impress the interviewers.

As for coding problems. I do practice some before an interview and I have a React + Springboot template app ready in case I get asked for some take home coding problem.

In very first development job interview, years ago, at a Java consulting company. I impressed my interviewers with a ad-hoc whiteboard presentation about one of my personal projects. It didn't write any code, etc. They asked me "oh, thats interesting, what was that about".... so I picked up a marker and talked about it.

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Saloni Goyal Author

This is quite insightful 😃
Thanks for sharing! ^^