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Discussion on: How do you choose a subject to stick to on your blog?

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Jen Miller

So I think blogs are not a silver bullet that they are often portrayed. They help people in different ways, which may or may not help in getting a job. It probably won't hurt in any way, but it might not make a huge difference either - or specifically, the time it takes to maintain a blog might not be worth it unless you gain personal enjoyment from it (like a hobby).

It also depends on the kind of work you want to do and where you are on your career. Specifically, are you blogging to build a personal brand that you might leverage into a business at some later point?

In the end, appearing to be a SME of a subject (in your case, the Java ecosystem or devops) will help but most recruiters will be looking at your 20+ years of exp stop at that.

When developers like myself get asked to evaluate and interview candidates, though, I do look at a person's site and blog (if they do have one), its never a must have since many great developers don't have blogs. The content matters since it may have a direct relevance to the job.

But it all comes back to what you want to do and how much time you want to commit.

When people ask me if blogs are worth it, I say, "yes", but writing isn't free, it comes with a cost - time. Time that could be spent resting, recharging, doing hobbies, etc. Some people enjoy tweeting, gaining a following, and writing content for their followers. Others enjoy writing about what they enjoy doing.

If you enjoy doing something, that passion shows though. While writing purely for building a personal brand will help later on, if you don't get enjoyment, it can be hugely demotivating early on (and might cause you to stop). In the end, personal brand helps, but it depends on what you want to do.