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re: I would expect them to Know HTML, CSS, JS Know Github Have one or more side projects Speak about their future goals

Do you mean HTML, CSS, and JS as a requirement for a web dev role or just any software role in general?


I feel it is a must for all software roles. It speaks a lot about the basics of programming.


Yeah, sorry, no.

As a point of reference: I'm considered an expert in the Python language, extremely proficient with C++, and skilled with algorithms, efficiency, memory management, and data structures. I've written libraries, applications, and games. I've trained a dozen young developers and counting, helping them launch successful careers. I'm a technical author and a speaker. Based on interactions, I am at least as proficient a developer as your average Javascript programmer, and more-so when we're talking about someone with less than about five or six years experience. And I am not proficient in Javascript.

(This isn't to inflate my image, but rather to point to the fact I'm no greenhorn.)

I've made a careful technically-driven decision never to waste my time on Javascript. My work with HTML and CSS, while there, is fairly sparse. I do almost nothing in web development.

Don't inflate your favorite languages to be "essentials". No language is an essential to the whole of the industry, especially not one as highly abstracted as Javascript.

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