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PHP live coding on Twitch

jeromegamez profile image Jérôme Gamez ・2 min read

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tl;dr; I let you watch when I work on OpenSource PHP code at

About a year ago, I stumbled upon the Twitch channel of Darkosto, a Minecraft modpack developer who streams all of his coding live on five days a week to an audience of hundreds of viewers. He has more then 60,000 followers and is fun to watch from a developer perspective as well as on a personal level. The way he is able to work on the code while interacting with his community while maintaining a light and entertaining mood is very inspiring.

So inspiring that I overcame my fear of putting myself in the spotlight and started live streaming my OpenSource coding sessions as well. Although I consider myself a quite capable developer, and have found my niche with a fairly popular OpenSource project (a PHP Admin SDK for Google Firebase), my first streams were quite... bad, and they still are 😅.

But as with almost anything (and this includes writing posts on, you need practice to get started, and I can tell you: my first stream (with around ten friends and colleagues watching) has been an excruciating experience, but it was a very rewarding one as well, I can just recommend that you try it as well - especially if you're an introvert and a perfectionist like me.

This is what my nervousness looked like

This is what my nervousness looked like

That being said: if you're interested in random endeavors into PHP development and don't mind hearing a german accent while watching a random person on the internet tapping on their keyboard, I'd be happy to welcome you the next time I start a stream.

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Subscribed)) When you work remote, you can watch programmer's stream to imagine office work) [This is place for foreverAlone sticker]