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from android user perspective, all these pwd managers are not mature enough ( yes i tried them).
for example:
1) they constantly need to look for new input fields/keyboard open/close activities to capture pwd which is not efficient method tbh
2) they can't auto fill these fields, you need to tap on notification to fill the boxes (huge downer for me)
3) none of them work inside browser. (huge downer again)

Alternative: after various apps trial i found out that built-in google password manager works flawlessly in mobile apps and chrome browser, it also remembers card details etc. For mobile browser i use kiwi (chromium based, you should also switch) which has its own password manager.

I really wish for a pwd manager which works on apps,mobile browser and desktop browser but I couldn't find any :(


You sure?
I use Keepass2Android for autocompletion and it is excellent (not like Google one but I have ally password where I want now).


thanks for suggestion. so does this work on mobile browser also? also, what's its advantage over the google one

Yes, I use it on my android devices.
On desktop/laptop I use KeePassXC

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