Learn to Code By Building Messy Little Things

Jessica Abejar on May 31, 2019

I remember being a little kid playing with Lego bricks. I would just make things. What kind of things? Who knows- not even I knew what I was buildi... [Read Full]
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"But the one thing I needed to learn was how to make a dark-mode button, a feature that helped the colors toggle between modes. At first the project seemed doable, but at that time (and still now), JavaScript was daunting."

This keeps happening to me, no matter what I'm trying to learn. It really is a helpful reframing tool to look at the dark-mode button as a mini-project. It's just as important to helping you learn and get familiar with your tools, even if you haven't produced quite the scope of content you originally wanted.


For sure! Breaking larger projects down into smaller parts and viewing them as “mini-projects” really drives the idea that it’s still helping you learn (and helping build up to that final project!).


Great article Jessica, thank you for posting!

Starting part is not the problem for me, I can deal with mesy part also. Finishing part is big problem for me. For some reason I can stay focused/interested in project engough to finish it.


Thank you reading! And ah yes, especially at the very end of a project. I can be so close to finishing it and then just leave it 🤦🏻‍♀️ I have to give myself a clear goal for it to be considered done.


Will sometime when the world is getting messy after this you see how beautiful is it, I really love to take the step of starting things because as soon as I started it, I challenge myself of finishing it.
Away from all the things they thought about, especially in my field "Software Engineering" I really like to work as the thing it goes, like the say "Just go with the flow", you don't know what are you gonna face and don't know if your plan are the correct way nor if it the wrong one, until you try it


You’re very welcome! And wherever you are on your journey, I hope it is an enjoyable one 🙂


I agree with you. I've been breaking django projects for the past 8 weeks. 😂


😂 hopefully less broken the more you work on it!


I hope so! I still expect more breaking once I deploy it to production 😂 Cheers!

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