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My first degree was a B.A. in Psychology, and the textbook we used for the "Personality Psychology" course was very critical of the M-B (this was back in 2013). It said that the M-B Type Indicator had low reliability and validity, which is why psychologists don't use it when they conduct and publish research in the field of personality. Instead, they use the Five Factor Model (aka the big five personality traits), which is a more reliable and accurate measure of personality.

There is an fascinating psychological phenomena called the Barnum effect (aka the Forer effect) which says that people tend to rate vague statements as being accurate descriptors of their personality. I think this might be the reason people like the MBTI, but who knows.

Like somebody else commented, I agree with your premise, but...

Still, if the MBTI is what gets you introspecting and thinking about your strengths and weaknesses, then that's awesome! The more we learn about ourselves, the more we can cope with unforeseen challenges.


Very cool! Do you have any particular approach for self-evaluation/introspection given your background in the field of psychology?


I don't, but I do listen to two psychology podcasts: The Hidden Brain and Invisibilia. The episodes usually make me reflect on my own thoughts and behaviors, sometimes in ways I hadn't considered before. They're pretty interesting.

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