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Discussion on: Make NPM Packages Even If You Don't Need To

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Josh Holbrook Author

With regard to joke modules: I'm honestly not sure if I would have written Hoarders in 2020. The person I was 8 years ago was much more likely to do something "for the lulz" than I am today.

For what it's worth, I think you got a lot of pushback, including from my post, but I definitely think you have more allies than it appears in this one. Many people have been saying the same sorts of things for many years - it's just that there isn't much content inherent in a "yeah I agree" post.

I thought your suggestion for keeping modules local was a good one, by the way. I've taken this approach the last few years with my own loggers, and I've found it deeply satisfying to work on loggers without having to worry about meeting the use cases of other users, or hell even myself in other contexts. I think this strategy is unsung and particularly relevant to logging.