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1 and 5 descend from the same old assumption: every single piece of data is its own small miracle. That is sooo 90's, when everybody wanted to be MicroXerOraclAppIbm-SAP, and BPM/CRM/Office was everything a commercial software could ever dream to be. Loosing an invoice would be DEATH. We were that naive then.
And then came the late 2010's. Everybody was using moderns statistics and wanted to be the next AmaFaceGoogUberFlix-fy. Incomplete, incorrect, out-of-standard "broken" strings of bytes were now called "edge-case data-points". If your application is based on large amounts of thing business once called "data crap", you have to wrestle one inconsistency or a billion. There came Mongo. Mongo use-case? Your use case. Except if you are SAP. Then you should use something field-proven, something reliable that the entire world takes for granted. Like smoking in hospitals and CDs.


I'm afraid I didn't get much out of this comment.

Loosing an invoice would be DEATH. We were that naive then.

Now, we should just use MongoDB and stop caring about lost invoices? :)

Mongo use-case? Your use case.

What? How? What do I gain by moving on to MongoDB?

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