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Mirroring what I tweeted 😅 I'll just list it out 👍

  • IMHO, the "senior" you mention doesn't sound very "senior" 👎 Regardless of level, the entire team should treat each other with equal respect
  • Being humble is key
  • Communication is also key
  • Being open and asking for help should never be viewed as a negative regardless of the level you're at in your career. In fact, I'd encourage others to "ask early" 👍 Opening lines of communication early is often great for all those involved
  • One thing not clarified is if your interactions are voice or text. What we type is a big one 😅 How we type to each other can be interpreted differently by different people. Avoid words that may be viewed as "negative" like "You", "just", "simple". Opt for more inclusive things like "we", "could", etc. 👍 PR review is a great example of where conflict can arise because one developer interpreted a comment to be a little sassy or one developer kept asking for changes and the other developer got annoyed by it 👎 It happens. But if that's the case, there's no need for people to get frustrated. It's likely you're both on the same team, both getting paid, and both working towards the same goal of creating a great app/project/insert other things 😅
  • From the sounds of it, I'd say you're doing all the right things 👍 Keep your cool and stay humble. If anything, I'd say you're going above and beyond. That's a lot of time spent studying etc. It's important to take a break when you're not working. I would hope that your employer doesn't expect you to be spending 6 hours at the weekend working. Be careful and don't put too much pressure on yourself. If you're a junior, you're not expected to know everything, it's part of your career progression. Honestly, when I was a junior, I barely looked at or even thought about code outside of work 😅
  • If there's a particularly uncomfortable dynamic and your "Senior" isn't being particularly "Senior", I'd expect that to be noticed by someone more "Senior" 🤔 If it isn't and persists to be a problem, I'd consider raising it with someone in a diplomatic way. Don't approach it in a guns-blazing "Person X is making my working day hell!" kinda way 😅
  • As a "Senior" now, I could go on about this subject all day long 😅 It's now that I'm able to truly reflect on my own progression with communication and being more humble. I've definitely experienced the different stages 😊 Seeing the bigger picture is a big thing.
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