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Request for Comment: Git Emoji standard-version preset

To anyone who uses Git Emoji commit, or just simply uses emojis in their commit messages as a way to signify the overall set of changes that occurred I have a question:

** Would you use a standard-version preset for emoji-based commit messages?**

Some Details

I started with a new company a few months ago, and at this company they use a slightly modified version of the Angular/Conventional Commit style. This is done largely for helping to automate changelog generation and release notes. These two things have always been pain points for me, as I forget to update the changelog a lot. I used the Angular style for another VSCode extension "Git Angular" and used that to automate the changelog generation for that project. I checked, and while the conventional-commits team has a preset for a lot of other common commit styles, Git Emoji / Emoji Commit is not among them. This means someone needs to make it in order for people to be able to use it.

"I'm interested..."

If you are, please do me a favor and comment the following:

  1. List of emojis that you use in your commits (and preferably what they do)
  2. List of emojis that you would like to see show up by default in your generated changelog

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